London, 2005


Our imagination of Aliens and what they might really look like, is the theme of the exhibition “The Science of Aliens“. The touring exhibition had its premiere at the London Science Museum in October 2005 and has been shown in Science Museums in North America, Europe and Asia since then.

ART+COM created an interactive room for the exhibition where visitors can get in direct touch with aliens. The creatures living on the planets, “Aurelia“ and “Blue Moon“, move dynamically through virtual landscapes. They are generated in real time. Visitors interact with the two worlds via a touchsensitive surface of two meters width and about seven meters length, developed by ART+COM. They can not only watch the aliens but also influence the creatures’ behaviour and actions.

“The Science of Aliens“ is regarded as the largest exhibition of its kind and was shown in London, Hamburg, Birmingham, Paris, Centi and Tokyo. The twin exhibition touring North America visited Miami, Harrisburg and Montréal. Next venues will be in Québec, Canada, and Melaka, Malaysia.