Symphonie Cinétique

Symphonie Cinétique – The Poetry of Motion is a kinetic composition that exploits the poetic synergy of music and mechanical motion in a space. It was conceived in an intense collaboration between Icelandic composer and musician Ólafur Arnalds and Joachim Sauter/ART+COM. read more


Foreboded by the previous World Expositions, the visitors to the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai found themselves in the crossfire between massive LED screens and countless high definition projections surrounding them. To counteract this trend, Mobility deliberately avoided the typical media surfaces and opted instead for the poetic allure of a kinetic installation. read more

Kinetic Rain

Kinetic Rain is a new artwork designed by ART+COM for Terminal 1 at Singapore's Changi Airport. The kinetic sculpture adds a contemplative element to the lively transit space of the departure hall. It consists of 1216 coppery drops that move above the two central escalators and take different three-dimensional, abstract and pictorial shapes. read more

Anamorphic Mirror

The installation references the well-known company logo designed by Anton Stankowski and serves as an introduction to the conference and brand area in the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt. The installation is based on the principle of anamorphosis: what you see changes as you move. The image only fully resolves when seen from a specific vantage point or ‘sweet spot’. read more